Taking it Easy

October 6, 2011 at 8:59 pm (Games, Health and wellness)

Instead of keeping things on track at work, I have started my first day of a 5 day weekend.  That’s right, Out of my 90 hours of use it or lose it time, 16 hours are being used. . .  “But, wait a minute,”  I hear you ask, “Wouldn’t three days equal 24 hours?”  Yes, you are correct.  Monday is not being taken on annual leave – instead one of those pesky furlough days are being used.  So what, pray tell, did I do today and subsequently have planned for this extended weekend?

Today found me doing my best to take it easy and even though the dogs prevent me from sleeping in I did very little except for zone out a bit watching mindless television.  Mostly Sports Center just to see if anything interesting was going on.  Very little football news going on other than the stuff they’ve been rehashing for the last couple of days, but hey, at least you don’t have to think much about it.  After a couple of hours of this I did plug in the ol’ Xbox and decided to see what I could do with a couple of games.

Mercury Hg has turned out to be a fun little game that I can easily lose some time on.  Taking a virtual drop of mercury on a trip though some puzzles that include color changes, splitting apart and subsequently putting back together does use a little thinking power at times.  After completing the first group of elements (gotta love the periodic chart being the selection process of which puzzle to work out) I have two more groups opened up and even got a challenge unlocked (which took me a couple tries to complete).  Bonus levels are also interesting since you have to collect the mercury as you go along, but only three of those have been unlocked so far.  But not to worry, I work at the game a little every day.

The Maw has been a pleasant distraction as well.  I think I’m almost done with this game however.  Two more levels to go (would have been one but I got caught in a glitch on a level that left me stuck with the camera looking off in some weird corner of the world.  I’ll have another go at it tomorrow more than likely.

Jericho has been sitting in the drive for a few weeks now and I gave the disc a spin to get me through the crusades and into Rome.  Most of the achievements left in this game is to get through levels on hard difficulty and some with the added difficulty of not being incapacitated.  I really like the ghost bullet, but I think in Rome I need to use a different character because those shield guys just don’t give you the shots.

Meanwhile, the rest of the weekend is hopefully a lot like today.  Well, I might just go and see if there’s anything interesting in the stores as far as games are concerned. . .


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