Returning to Fitness

November 21, 2011 at 9:05 pm (Games, Health and wellness)

An interesting thing happened just the other day when I was looking around to games section to see what was sitting on the shelves.  Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 was sitting there.  Since I enjoyed the first one I thought I would grab this one and get back on the track to fitness.

There are a few differences and from I can tell, they’re all good!  The most interesting is the addition to some floor exercises that make this a more complete workout.  More classes were added as were some warm-ups to help cool down a little or to loosen up before tackling a workout.

The first day I got it I was checking it out to see what all was in the “game” when I heard the little chime that meant my console was shutting down.  What?…  I look down and see my dog has wandered over and touched the button with her nose!  So I turn it back on and start doing some stuff like running through New York and missed the challenge.  Oh well, I see what the exercises have to offer and see you can focus on different groups now.  I try the arms and find it interesting.  I then go and see what the classes are all about and check one of those out.  I’m still miffed I missed the challenge on the run and go back to that and do it again.  This time I get the challenge and shortly afterwards hear that chime again as my dog decided to check it out again.  I mean… really?  9 months at the house and she’s never messed with the console ever and now she’s curious about it.  I think I may have yelled a little bit.  Now I’m mad and not thinking straight so I turn the console back on and wait a little while to catch my breath.  I’m determined to complete this run one way or another.  Someone should have been there to tell me that I should go for it again the next day because after I made it through that run, I felt horrible.  I had to go lay down for a few minutes just so the nausea would go away.   After that I stuck to my goal and the dog hasn’t messed with the button anymore.  At least, for the week I’ve been playing.

There is still a lot that I haven’t done yet, but since some of those achievements have a burn 100,000+ calories, I should be doing this for some time.  Who knows, by then it should be a habit.  :)


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