Dealing With the Fallout

February 12, 2012 at 11:09 pm (Entertainment, Games)

It may have taken me 70 some odd days, but I have finally completed the first playthrough of Fallout:  New Vegas.  I really enjoy this game and only disliked one of the add-ons (Dead Money).  Anyway, it’s really strange to see that even though I thought I did good, a lot of things didn’t fair so well upon the telling of what happened after the battle at Hoover Dam.  But hey,  whatcha gonna do?  For me, I’m getting ready to run through on Hardcore mode and see if I’m still able to survive the ordeal.  After that, I will have even more to do since there are several endings in which one can choose.  I guess that’s part of the charm of Fallout, you can always create your character different…  but it only works if you can play that character like you built him/her.

Other games I’ve been playing is Quarrel, because I enjoy word games… though I tend to play horribly when I don’t have a lot of sleep (I blame the 14 hour work night and not being able to catch up on my sleep!).  I have also played the kinect game Haunt which I finished fairly quickly.  To tell the truth though, Fallout is the main game I’ve been playing.

The question now is, continue playing Fallout or start something new while kinda working on Fallout on the side?  I guess there’s always the bean dive… but the fallout from that would mean destroying my completion percent and learning different controller layouts and remembering which one goes to which game.  I’ll worry about it in the morning, because right now… I’m tired and need some sleep.


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