Fake Musical Instruments and Books

July 27, 2011 at 10:55 pm (Books, Entertainment, Games)

For some reason I’ve gotten hooked on playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band games this month.  I’m STILL playing after all this time.  More specifically I have played three games, moving from one to another once I wanted a change.

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock was the first title I focused on as I concentrated on the “storyline” until I made it all the way through twice (dominating the game!).  An interesting approach at having each “warrior” using a different power and then using all 8 powers on the second playthrough.

Rock Revolution was the second title and I still don’t think too highly on this title.  Once I calibrated though, I was able to do a little bit better and made it through to get a “platinum” rating on each stage.  I really don’t know if expert difficulty is going to see the light of day on this game.

Rock Band 3 is the one I just started and it’s just kinda weird.  I don’t think there is a career path anymore, but there are Road Challenges that seem to unlock as you get further along.  I really need to get a keyboard for this game since I like the piano and even though I haven’t played in many many years, I think I’ll feel more comfortable playing that than the guitar, drums or vocals.  Who knows, sometime in the future I may even get the guitar and see if I can’t learn a little something on how to actually play. . . but this old dog may not be able to learn  :p

Another arena I have stepped back into is reading.  Yeah, books have caught my attention again especially with a new author I’ve decided to give a try.  Kate Griffin has a couple of books called “Madness of Angels” and “Midnight Mayor”.  These books reminded me of how much some writers can capture my imagination and keep me reading even when I need to be doing other things.  Now to wait fore “Neon Court” to come out in paperback.

Now I should go back to my gaming and reading. . . or maybe I should watch the new episode of Deadliest Warrior to see how Joan of Arc and William the Conqueror turned out…


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Still Wandering Around the Discworld

August 17, 2010 at 8:26 pm (Books)

A few books later and I’m still having a good time in the Discworld.  It’s amazing how much one can forget after a few years and lots of books later, but it’s all coming back to me.
After completing Mort, I dove right into Sourcery and then lingered with the Wyrd Sisters for the weekend.  Currently I’m in a hot sandy part of the Discworld checking out Pyramids.
Oddly enough I did manage to find Color of Magic at Netflix and watched that to see how much different it was from the book.  Despite a few things "out of order" and some things cut out altogether (considering the low budget look, I’m thinking there was a good reason to cut some stuff out) it was very good and kept the main points true.  Too bad it only has 2 1/2 stars, but for those unfamiliar with Discworld and expecting too much from a made for tv movie I can see why.  For me, I’d give it a solid 3 1/2 stars.
Well, back to my wandering around.  If you get a chance (and you like reading) check out these books – Terry Pratchett has a wonderful sense of humour and you just can’t get entertainment like this in the Fantasy genre.

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Reading Binge

August 11, 2010 at 10:08 pm (Books)

Even though I cannot settle on any one game to play, I have been able to figure out I wanted to read some books.  I say books, because I am now on the 4th book in as many days in a series that I find highly amusing and entertaining.
The Series I am reading is about the Discworld by Terry Pratchett, and even though I have read these a few times before, I am thoroughly re-enjoying them.  Oddly enough the inspiration hit when my friend was telling me he watched the Colour of Magic (I have yet to even find the movie) and was in the process of watching Hogfather.  After the phone call I went into my room and found Colour of Magic and began reading.  Then I read The Light Fantastic which is the second part and was incorporated into the movie.  But I couldn’t stop there.  No way, I continued on with Equal Rites and am now halfway through Mort.
I can safely say without a doubt that no other author has even come close, in my opinion, of keeping a series alive after 35 books AND keeping them fresh and fun.

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Reading Again

May 28, 2009 at 10:55 pm (Books)

I can’t believe how long it’s bees since I’ve read a book, but since I had to sit in a waiting room for a couple of hours I figured it would be a good time to start again.
I’m reading one of Jim Butcher’s Dresden books – Proven Guilty.  I like the Dresden Files (even the one season tv series).  At this point in time only this series and the Discworld series can seem to maintain any kind of interest for me.  For some reason 340 pages just kind of passed me by and I’m right in the middle of some fun stuff. . .  I may have to finish this up tomorrow… or not sleep (for a second night in a row) and finish it tonight.  Oh wait, it would be after midnight so I guess no matter what I’d be finishing it up tomorrow.  :p

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Getting Back to Reading

January 14, 2008 at 8:36 am (Books)

A long time has passed since I’ve read a book but that has changed.  I finally picked up a book I started reading last year some time and then just set it aside for one reason or another.  Right now I’m reading Bitten by Kelley Armstrong and deals with werewolves (there wolves!).  Oops, I guess I’ve watched Young Frankenstein too many times when I was younger.  :p
Anyway, I’m not sure I’ll continue the series.  It’s interesting, but not exactly my reading style I guess.  As soon as I’m done with this book I’m going to get back in touch with Terry Pratchett since I now have TWO Discworld novels to read (okay, so one of the books is sorta kinda young adult but it’s still fun).  I also have to read that last book in the Harry Potter series too.
As you can see, my free time is pretty much . . . . . . booked.   :p

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Reading Again

August 31, 2007 at 8:35 pm (Books)

It’s been a very long time since I’ve actually sat down to read a book. . . And I’ve got a LOT of books that have been sitting on my to read shelf.  It’s sad, really, I’ve started reading this book yesterday and I’m going to finish it today and yet I just never had any motivation to read for the past couple of years.  Hopefully, this will start being a normal thing (reading that is) so I can start catching up on the stories out there.
I’m reading "Anansi Boys" by Neil Gaiman.  I do have to admit that Neil Gaiman is in my top 3 list with Terry Pratchett and Jim Butcher, however, I never could actually put my finger on a single author that I could say was #1.  Anyway, 70 pages left and 2 and a half hours left to babysit the jobs I have to run on console.
What’s that?  the story?  It’s a wonderful tale of mischief  :p  I do so like how Gaiman can work with old stories and mythos…  Very much like "American Gods" except it’s sticking with a single belief instead of touching on many.  There’s even a slight feeling from "Neverwhere" haunting the edges as well.  I’d tell you more about the book. . . but I’m not one that likes to spoil anything.  If you see it on the shelf somewhere go ahead and pick it up… read the back cover at the very least, but let it be known – Neil Gaiman has a certain way with weaving a tale.

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Starting on the Next Book

July 21, 2006 at 1:58 pm (Books)

Now that I’ve finished FEAR by L. Ron Hubbard (which by the way was pretty good even though I made a fairly accurate guess on what was going on) I can start on another book.  It’s always hard for me to choose which book to read next since I have so many that I haven’t read.
I didn’t have much time to choose so I just grabbed one to read and I’ve started (i.e. the prologue) and it has a nice beginning to it.  I think I’ll like it.  Oh, you may want to know what the title is:  Out of Sight by T.J. MacGregor.  It’s premise is an experiment gone awry…  and what you don’t see can’t just hurt you… it can kill you.  I guess I’ll find out more about it once I get further into the book.    :p

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July 18, 2006 at 2:53 pm (Books)

No, not First Encounter Assault Recon – this is a book.  FEAR by L. Ron Hubbard and it’s the book I’m now reading.  It’s kinda funny now that I think about it because I bought this book quite some time ago before I even heard of the videogame of the same name.  Now I’m wondering if there are any strange coincidences or if the game took anything from the book.  Probably not, but I’m going to be keeping my eye out for the game now and when it comes to the 360 I’m going to see if there are any similarities.
As you can tell by the fact that I’m reading this book, I have finished P is for Peril.  It’s kinda weird because I’m horrible with names so there were times that I’d have to be reminded of who the person was.  Just seeing the name didn’t help me.  Imagine my frustration when I got to the end of the book and it made no sense to me.  I had to go BACK and find a reference to the name and find out who it was.  Once I did that, I finally realized what was going on.  I do like Sue Grafton’s series, but once in awhile I’ll read one that I don’t like as much as the others. . .  but 3 out of 16 isn’t that bad  :p

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Sweet Mysteries

July 12, 2006 at 2:16 pm (Books)

When I first started reading, I was strictly a fantasy reader but I find now that I tend to gravitate towards the mystery genre including true crimes (mostly Ann Rule).  Right now I’m reading P is for Peril by Sue Grafton.  Sure, I could have read any one of my books sitting on the "to read" shelf, but I’m trying to get current on the series.  Ten Big Ones is also sitting there, but when it comes right down to it, Sue Grafton’s series is a little more "realistic" feeling.  Janet Evanovich relies on humor and outrageous situations. . .  that and it’s been getting too formulated.
What I really miss is the good old fashion murder mystery…. someone gets killed and the detective has to figure out whodunnit.  I’ve read some Agatha Christie and all of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but modern mysteries tend to be more on the suspense side where the ‘detective’ is in danger instead of just trying to figure out the mystery.

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Back to Reading

July 6, 2006 at 2:09 pm (Books)

Okay, I’m going to go ahead and talk a little bit about. . .  books.  It seems that I’ve neglected these little beauties ever since I got wrapped up in the 360.  In fact, the book I was reading when I got the 360 at the beginning of February was finally finished off yesterday.  Not because it was a bad read, but because I just had other distractions.
You may wonder what kind of books I like reading, and I often wonder that myself.  :p  I have a history of reading just about anything.  My current passion though is a series of books by Jim Butcher in the fantasy genre called the Dresden Files.  I’ve just started reading Dead Beat which is the 7th in the series and if you like the premise of a wizard that lists himself in the yellow pages and tromps around the windy city taking care of paranormal phenomena which included other wizards, werewolves, vampires and. .  well, just about everything unexplainable then you’ll enjoy this.  Storm Front is the first book and starts things off with a boom.  With titles such as Fool Moon and Grave Peril, you know that you’re in for some humor now and again.
But enough of that for now. . .  if you would like to know some books that I’ve liked in the past then here are some ideas. . .
Fantasy/Sci-Fi:  Earthsea series by Ursula K. LeGuin;  Riddlemaster of Hed trilogy by Patricia A. McKillip; a trilogy by Robert Don Hughes (now out of print) Prophet of Lamath, Wizard in Waiting, the Power and the Prophet;  Lyda Morehouse’s series (remaindered) Archangel Protocol, Fallen Host, Messiah Node, and Apocalypse Array.
Mystery:  Sue Grafton’s alphabet mysteries; Janet Evanovich’s series that are ‘numbered’ e.g. One for the Money,  Two for the Dough.
Horror:  It’s tough to find good horror novels.  I do like most of Stephen King’s stuff.  Edo Van Belkam had a strange one called Scream Queen that I liked.
Fiction:  The rest of the stuff I can’t quite fit into other genres I list here such as Clive Cussler’s Pitt series. . . but only up to a certain point, after he starts making appearances in all his books it just goes all downhill  approximately Sahara.
There’s plenty more in my three bookcases of stuff, but I really need to get back to work now   :p

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