New 360Voice Feature

September 9, 2008 at 4:25 pm (Communities)

So last night I noticed a new feature being rolled out on  You can get a blog for a GROUP of people now as well as the individual blogs it already does.  I’ve joined a couple of groups that have been created and decided to come up with one as well.
Since it’s still early on, there isn’t a whole lot going on – but there are sure to be more things associated in the future as people play around with the groups and make suggestions.  If you’ve been away from 360Voice for a while, maybe you should go and recheck things out since there’s lots of little things that have been adding up over the course of time.
And if you are feeling up to it, check out the Over 40 Gang group.  Granted nobody is in the group as of yet.  I’m sure someone will eventually join in.  :p

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The Mindless Mayhem Minichallenge

November 26, 2007 at 11:50 pm (Communities)

Well, I figured since I have this blog – I may as well extend a challenge to those few who occasionally pop in to see what is going on in my corner of the world.  Well, over at I have started up a fun little challenge!  It’s called the Mindless Mayhem Minichallenge and I’m going to kick it off for Friday to Sunday.
So, if you have a gold subscription.. and have a 360voice account set up, then head on over to the Mindless Mayhem Minichallenge and join in!  Let’s see how many points we can muster in just those three days!

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When the 360 Throws Down the Gauntlet

November 11, 2007 at 12:33 am (Communities)

Ever been called a loser?  Okay, let me get more specific. . .  Have you ever been called a loser by a piece of inanimate electronic equipment?  I can now say that I have.  That’s right, my 360 called me a loser.  Need proof?  Check out my 360voice blog for November 8th.  Can you believe that?
But that leads us into WHY my gaming console has resorted to name calling. . .  I’m sure some of you have set up your 360voice account and followed it for a little while and then just sorta lost track of it. . .  But there’s new reason to start checking up on it again.  Challenges.  That’s right ChangeAgent and Fatty Chubs have worked a new wonder into the whole site where you can challenge fellow players to see who can gain more points in a specific time frame.  But don’t just listen to my raving, check out their announcement.  You just may recognize the force behind the challenges.  :p
So,  what’s a loser like me do after losing 4 challenges in a row?  That’s right, get involved in another one! w00t!  This time I’m in it for 2 weeks.  When I’m done – I’ll more than likely try it again.  Sure, I’ll keep losing, :p  but at least it’s fun!  Want to get in on a challenge?  Create one and invite your friends! (errr… as long as everyone has a 360voice account that is) OR perhaps when this one is over (since you can only be in one challenge at a time)  I’ll set one up and give you the secret code to join in on it!  :p
HEY!  No wonder I’m losing these challenges!  I’m posting here when I should be gaining points!  I’d better go find something to achieve. . .

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Nonsensical Activities I’ve Been Doing

August 20, 2007 at 8:51 am (Communities)

Yeah, I admit it:  I know how to waste time doing silly little things that in the long run amount to. . .  nothing.  I guess I get that way when I don’t have the huge amounts of time to waste playing games and such.  Anyway, here are a few things I’ve been doing (suprise! it’s Xbox 360 related).
One of my most futile exercises in time waste management is coming up with some colorful graphs.  I print out a list of a game I have from the site and then check my gamercard and put in the dates for when I unlocked the achievement in question.  Once I completed that portion of my task, I separated all my games into different categories… such as Arcade Modern, Arcade Retro, Family, Puzzle, Racing, RPG, Shooter, Survival, Table Games (well, there are others, but I don’t have any of those).  I then whipped up something in Excel for each game in a category.  I’d have the name and then (with the help of really small squares) grids after the names to represent the points.  Arcade games were 5 boxes high by 40 boxes long and retail games were 10 boxes high by 100 boxes long.  They fit so nice… those darn extra content boxes took me a long time to figure out what to do but in the end I added a 5 x 50 box attached to the bottom of the retail portion of the game.  Now that I have everything all set up I get out the colors  :p  Dark Blue represents the first achievements I got for a game.  Light blue represents the points I got in the first week, green for the first month, yellow for the first three months, orange for six months, pink for a year, and red for two years. . .  purple is on hand for anything I get after that two years.   ooOOOOooooo    pretty.  And a complete waste of time, but it keeps my occupied.
Since I had all this information, I broke out Excel again and put in Every month and day since January of ’06.  Since I didn’t get my console until February that first January looks really barren.  Anyway, I then went through all my games again and put in when I got an achievement and for how much it was worth, adding to any existing entries as I went along.  I broke it down between arcade and retail.  After that was done, I did some simple formulas to add up everything for each month and then how much I got for the year.  Out of curiosity I found out where my biggest gains were and I’m sad to say that ’06 is going to be a much more productive year than ’07 if I don’t start getting some serious achievements!
There you go… a perfect example of what crazy Virgos think is fun to do.  :p  Oh yeah, and for the curious I added a few of those facts just between my gamercard and last 5 games played modules.  Now to figure out what else could occupy my time.  :p

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360Voice Blogwatching

August 10, 2007 at 9:53 pm (Communities)

Do you have your 360 blog about you?  Well, if you do and haven’t been keeping up with your blogs you may have missed out on the newest feature.  Blogwatching.  Yes, now when your 360 blogs about you, it will take one of the people on your watchlist (you do have people on your watch list right?) and include them in the blog!  Now this doesn’t happen every day mind you, just on the days that are divisable by 5.
You could even double the fun by joining up with the forums and enabling blog comments so people can actually leave a comment or two.  :p  It’s a good way to keep track of those gamerpoint challenges with your friends! 

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The Power of Groups

August 1, 2007 at 11:14 pm (Communities)

Some people may think that violence is the only way for people to take notice, but from a simple little experiment it is proven again that the pen is mightier than the sword.  Sure, you may be able to cut a pen with the sword but then the deed is forgotten whereas what the pen left could possibly be around many years later.
The experiment I’m talking about is over at 360voice (yeah, go check it out if you haven’t already).  Tired of seeing the same people at the top of the list as having the most visits who didn’t even participate on the forums got one person to thinking.  Why should people be more interested in them when others are the ones keeping the site interesting.  Thus was born the ORDER.  by getting everyone to visit the blogs of everyone else who posted on the boards (thus joining this order) page hits began piling up.  The result?
At the first reset of the numbers for the new month the ORDER dominates the top twenty with just a couple of non-posters hanging on.  That’s right, by just typing a few words, results have been spectacular.  I have seen my name in the top twenty!  I got up to number 7 before dropping down to the 13 spot.  It’s all kinds of fun and probably means nothing to anyone except the few of us that are spending time making sure to visit and post comments on all the blogs.  Heck, come visit my 360’s blog and see if you can’t help me make it into the top 10!

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Serious Goofing Off

July 13, 2007 at 10:57 pm (Communities)

In a way I should be ashamed of myself, yet in another way I’m just having too much fun.  I’m talking about the place over there called  Besides the blog entries that "come from your 360", and the badges, and the stats,  the guys (and gals) on the forums are really making the forums a joy to read.
One of the lesser known stats is who’s 360 blog is visited the most and for a long time Major Nelson managed to keep the #1 spot until Mr. Achievement made a very vocal campaign to knock the major out of the top spot… and succeeded.  Now we have a new thread hoping to knock the major out of the top 10 so I’ve started helping out by visiting the 360 blogs for the ones that have started this thread.  With our blogs ‘Comment enabled’ we are able to keep hitting up each others’ blogs and leaving comments.  Check it out by visiting my 360blog and notice I have a list of 10 people I’m watching (all a part of this fun).  Go ahead and visit their blogs as well.
What is that?  You’re wondering why you should do such a thing?  Ummm… because your curiosity is piqued?  :p

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Forza 2 and

June 17, 2007 at 3:00 pm (Communities)

I have to say that with everyone over at painting up their cars in Forza Motorsport 2, I had to deviate from my usual car dressing and attempt my very own 360voice car.  There are some wonderful creations out there (you can see them on the homepage) varying from the traditional colors of the site to some minor alternatives.  ChangeAgent’s car seems to appeal to my sense of taste more, but the one that is orange and white seems to be the most creative.
I’m almost ashamed to post pics of my car. . . . but that’s almost  :p  I had to test my creative side and in the end I made a couple of mistakes but I’m not changing them because the front end of my car says it all. . . . 25% Dabbler 25%   :p

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Ghost Town

April 7, 2007 at 4:29 pm (Communities)

It’s like a ghost town around here the past few months, and I don’t mean just here.  I regularly visit blogs during the week and all I can say is there is a whole bunch of inactivity out there!  Somehow I feel there is something going on out in the real world and I’m missing what it is.
Maybe I’m just one of those people that loves to go on about things regardless of if anyone is listening or not.  Kinda like my thoughts in my head – I gotta get them out and make room for new stuff.  Hopefully it’s just one of those timing things that everyone has a lot going on instead of just getting tired of blogging because it’s always great to wander about and read what’s going on around the world that doesn’t relate to what the news broadcasts cover.
Hopefully all is well with my friends out there.

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The Thrill of the Game

March 13, 2007 at 8:51 pm (Communities)

In my past I’ve enjoyed a few games, ranging from the Atari to the coin-ops such as Dragon’s Lair.  When games started coming to the PC, I even began playing games like Doom, Myst and Indiana Jones.  Even though I have played a variety of these systems and games, I’ve never really maintained an enthusiasm.  A few months at the most and then I’d stop playing games.  This also occurred when I got the first Xbox.  Halo was great, I enjoyed playing the game with my wife in co-op and we even played it through a couple of times.  Same with Halo2.  But inevitably, I put things away and it was more of a pain to take it out and set it up.
Enter the 360.  I got this system in the first couple weeks of February last year and I’m still turning this thing on every day.  Yeah, for 13 months I’ve played different games at different times but other than vacations away from home, I have turned the 360 on each day.  What is the fundamental difference between playing back when to current day?  Where is this feeling of excitement coming from?
It could be the games.  Let’s face it, some of these graphics are stunning.  Then again it could be knowing that people could be tracking your progress through the Live capabilities.  The 360voice blog is yet another possibility.  Or it could be something as simple as a meaningless achievement.
You know what I think?  I think it’s the combination of all that.  Mix in some friends to banter with (even if it’s mostly through the blogs) and add a dash of some of the MS personalities that appear that they are "reachable" and you have yourself a very close resemblence to a family.  MS being the strict but fair parents that you may sometimes not see eye to eye with, brothers and sisters are your friends that you make while countless cousins, uncles, aunts, neices and nephews run around like it’s a big reunion.
Perhaps that’s all it takes to experience the thrill of the games.  It’s no longer a personable experience. . . but a shared experience. . .  even if all you do is play the single player campaigns.

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