Another One Bites the Dust

December 2, 2010 at 7:38 pm (Computers and Internet)

After getting my 360 replaced and the DVR receiver replaced I thought that now maybe things would go smooth for a little while.  I guess I was wrong.

We have two computers and the one that I use (the older one) just went out.  Could be the power supply, could be something else.  At this point I’m not sure what I want to do.  I really don’t use it all that often and mostly just to synch up my Zune – but that’s all backed up so I can recover that by just putting it on the other pc.

I’m putting more effort into the 360 anyway, especially the Your Shape:  Fitness Evolved.  Oh well, I’m still chugging along and not going to worry about the pc…  I can always use the wife’s pc  :p


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Adding Content

November 4, 2010 at 12:29 am (Computers and Internet)

Wait. . .  what?  Aren’t you adding content with each posting?  Well, yes I am.  However, the content I have added is something I had on my old blog for awhile before it fell along the wayside due to how difficult it was to keep it current.

But, if it was difficult to keep it current before. . . won’t you have problems keeping it current here?  A fair question, but this time around I’m not including links and doing all the weird stuff that was involved with the lists of yore.  In fact, all the new content is, is a simple list of items.

Soooooooo, where exactly is this new content?  Ah, the important question.  If you will turn your attention over to the right, you will see that right under my gamercard there is a new little section that has a link to the new page called 100% completions.  Once there you will be treated to a complete list of the games I have completed 100% (as per the achievements) AND (get this) the  date I unlocked that last achievement!  How is that for cool?  I even broke things down between retail and arcade games … errr and that one thing that was really neither one (it was more like a hub).  Last thing there are a few strange facts that seemed to jump out at me while I was putting the list together.

Okay, very nice, but. . . why are you asking yourself questions and then answering them?  Simple!  I’m borderline insane.  ha ha ha so keep an eye out for other new things that I link up over there.  Seems to be the only place to put stuff you want to have hanging around more than a day or two.

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Trial and Error

November 1, 2010 at 7:42 pm (Computers and Internet)

Slowly but surely I’m starting to get a few things on the blog like my links to sites I use often and, as you can see over there on the right, a gamercard. Granted, it doesn’t quite fit in that gray strip, but it’s there and that is what counts.

I’m still testing little things out here and there, but it’s taking a lot of trying things to see what they do and then attempting to adjust things to see if I can get them to work how I want them. Time consuming, but it’s really the only option I have if I want to keep my blog.

Well, I’m off to try a couple more things… we’ll see how that goes.

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All Hail the Computer Guru

April 9, 2010 at 10:59 pm (Computers and Internet)

I have to say that my wife is awesome.  No, really she was able to bring my computer back from zombification.
First of all, the ave.exe virus is fairly nasty so don’t get it!  I was just minding my own business checking out achievements and BAM!  this thing popped up telling me I was infected, blah, blah, blah.  I’m familiar that this is just a scare tactic thing so I opened up my Task manager and killed it.  This time it didn’t work right.  So I messed with it a little bit longer and went into some sites telling how to get rid of it.  I got rid of it!  It took me a while though.  I then ran my antivirus program and it picked up two pesky things and quarantined them.
All good right?  Nope.  Nothing opened up.  I tried to go into my MSCONFIG and REGEDIT and I just got the window pop up asking me what I wanted to open them up with.  My antivirus wouldn’t open up even though it was showing that it was running on the taskbar.  What about the internet?  yeah… that came up okay.  My Zune program came up too (after telling it to use the Zune program to open it up with).  Weird.  Then the part that ripped my heart out… I tried to open the program that would allow my to transfer my cassette tapes to the pc.  Nothing.
External harddrives are awesome, let me tell you.  I got all 29 Gigs of my music all backed up on that as well as a bunch of pictures because it looked like I was going to have to reformat.  I did not relish the thought and have dragged my feet on it all week.
Tonight, my wife took the time to do some investigative work and fixed it in about 4 and a half hours without having to reformat!  That’s why I say she is awesome.  Evidently the internet is chock full of helpfull sites and instructions on how to fix just about everything.
Just don’t ask me what she did…  I was busy at work when she did all of this.

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January 9, 2009 at 6:51 pm (Computers and Internet)

While the wife was playing on-line from home she lost her connection to the internet.  Picking up the phone she noticed there was no dial tone so she called me from her cell phone to let me know.  On my way to work I had seen the phone company on the corner with a big hole dug up so I was attributing the phone to that.  Later on, she called back to let me know the phone was back but the router…. not so much.
Come to find out the modem/router has bit the dust so to speak.  So, with a call to the proper people, our 2wire is being replaced. . .  But, until it comes in – I’m more or less off-line.  Granted we got the old modem working for us – however, my computer and 360 can’t get online because of the lack of the router.

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Death of a Router

July 31, 2006 at 9:18 pm (Computers and Internet)

Well, the router I have has bitten the dust.  For the last couple of days the connection has been dropping so we called our ISP and they troubleshot their part (the DSL box) and by connecting it directly to the CPU things worked perfect (which is how I’m on the internet right now).  So today I called up the Linksys people and with all their troubleshooting netted us the big fat equipment failure.  So I’m suppose to be calling back  here in a little bit and according to them these things have a 3 year warranty on ’em and they’re going to be sending me a new one.  Unfortunately, I have no way of going on Live to update anything for my gaming. . .   How sad is that?  I’m worried about losing my streaking badge (no… no…. no….  not THAT kind of streaking!  I have 10 days in a row and by the end of the week I was going to get the 20 in a row)  :p  I was able to connect briefly after work so I have at least a hint that I played today… but quite frankly I don’t want to get any achievements if I can’t see the date stamp on it!
Honestly I just don’t like dealing with things this way because it can take a few days to get a router… If it were up to me, I’d just head on over to Best Buy and purchase another router just so I could get it taken care of right now.  Oh well, it should be interesting to see what happens. . .
Update:  It would appear that the reason I was told to call back is because the guy did not know how to help me and just wanted me off the phone.  At least, that’s the way it feels.  I talked to a different person (suprise) and we started trying a different method.  Just like the first person we weren’t getting any connection from the router to the DSL box.  He tried to get me to ping it and nothing… so he had me disconnect the router and just do a straight connection to the cpu.  Still nothing, so I changed the connection type to where the SBC guys had it working and the guy freakin’ flipped out on me.  Told me that they had me connected with a program and that I had to get the ports that they opened and let them know and that to call back…  I mean, what the freakin’ hell?  It was like committed some kind of crime.  So I thought, the heck with it – When he made one of the changes I saw that at least the activity light on the dsl box had been blinking instead of steady nothingness so I hooked everything back up rebooted the machine (as well as the router and box) and… using the old connection things look like they are back up and working.  Instead of yelling at me, he should have just said not to use that connection and reboot the pc.  What would have been the harm in that?  So on one hand I’m happy that the router is working again (forever how long I don’t know) then on the other hand I’m ticked of the way my call was handled.  Sheesh…

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