Dealing With the Fallout

February 12, 2012 at 11:09 pm (Entertainment, Games)

It may have taken me 70 some odd days, but I have finally completed the first playthrough of Fallout:  New Vegas.  I really enjoy this game and only disliked one of the add-ons (Dead Money).  Anyway, it’s really strange to see that even though I thought I did good, a lot of things didn’t fair so well upon the telling of what happened after the battle at Hoover Dam.  But hey,  whatcha gonna do?  For me, I’m getting ready to run through on Hardcore mode and see if I’m still able to survive the ordeal.  After that, I will have even more to do since there are several endings in which one can choose.  I guess that’s part of the charm of Fallout, you can always create your character different…  but it only works if you can play that character like you built him/her.

Other games I’ve been playing is Quarrel, because I enjoy word games… though I tend to play horribly when I don’t have a lot of sleep (I blame the 14 hour work night and not being able to catch up on my sleep!).  I have also played the kinect game Haunt which I finished fairly quickly.  To tell the truth though, Fallout is the main game I’ve been playing.

The question now is, continue playing Fallout or start something new while kinda working on Fallout on the side?  I guess there’s always the bean dive… but the fallout from that would mean destroying my completion percent and learning different controller layouts and remembering which one goes to which game.  I’ll worry about it in the morning, because right now… I’m tired and need some sleep.


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Fake Musical Instruments and Books

July 27, 2011 at 10:55 pm (Books, Entertainment, Games)

For some reason I’ve gotten hooked on playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band games this month.  I’m STILL playing after all this time.  More specifically I have played three games, moving from one to another once I wanted a change.

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock was the first title I focused on as I concentrated on the “storyline” until I made it all the way through twice (dominating the game!).  An interesting approach at having each “warrior” using a different power and then using all 8 powers on the second playthrough.

Rock Revolution was the second title and I still don’t think too highly on this title.  Once I calibrated though, I was able to do a little bit better and made it through to get a “platinum” rating on each stage.  I really don’t know if expert difficulty is going to see the light of day on this game.

Rock Band 3 is the one I just started and it’s just kinda weird.  I don’t think there is a career path anymore, but there are Road Challenges that seem to unlock as you get further along.  I really need to get a keyboard for this game since I like the piano and even though I haven’t played in many many years, I think I’ll feel more comfortable playing that than the guitar, drums or vocals.  Who knows, sometime in the future I may even get the guitar and see if I can’t learn a little something on how to actually play. . . but this old dog may not be able to learn  :p

Another arena I have stepped back into is reading.  Yeah, books have caught my attention again especially with a new author I’ve decided to give a try.  Kate Griffin has a couple of books called “Madness of Angels” and “Midnight Mayor”.  These books reminded me of how much some writers can capture my imagination and keep me reading even when I need to be doing other things.  Now to wait fore “Neon Court” to come out in paperback.

Now I should go back to my gaming and reading. . . or maybe I should watch the new episode of Deadliest Warrior to see how Joan of Arc and William the Conqueror turned out…

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Super Weekend

February 6, 2011 at 10:05 pm (Entertainment)

The much hyped game between Pittsburgh and Green Bay is at its end and I’m so happy to see my team overcome a few more injuries to put a perfect end to a huge season.  I am glad to see that both teams were in it up until the final seconds because I hate blowouts.

Despite a few swipes (very few) both teams played class football, not letting emotions take over and getting into fights.  Defense was the word going into the game and for me it seems that is where the game was won.  Three turnovers by the Steelers seemed to be enough to keep the Packers ahead despite the final run by the Steelers to try and win the game on the final drive.  Give it to Rodgers, though, when they needed to get points he was able to get the team to the endzone.

After it was all said and done, it was an amazing game to watch.  Now all that’s left for me to do is to wait for my shirt to come in.  I now have a new favorite team (as far as players go) to replace the fond memories I have of Majik Man, Sharpe, Fullwood, Bennett, Jackie, Paup, Mandarich, and Query.   Thanks; Rodgers, Driver, Starks, Nelson, Jennings, Jones, Mathews, Hawk, Shields, Woodson, Collins and the rest of the team who all were able to step up their play after the 15 IR victims to even get them here, not to mention their cool under pressure handling of the Super Bowl pressure.  Mind you, I’ve had favorite players – but team level favorites are tougher to come by.

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Getting Kinected

November 22, 2010 at 5:57 pm (Entertainment)

Today I decided that I’d go ahead and grab myself the 250G Kinect bundle and found out what the Christmas gift of the year is.  I knew that Best Buy only had the 4 G bundles, but Wally World had some last week.  When I dropped my wife off for work I just drove through the snow and ice to discover that they no longer had any of the 250G bundles.

I’m not too concerned since it’s not like I’m losing sleep (well, except for that first night) over it.  I made a quick online search to find out even the online offers are out of stock.  Then out of curiosity I check Target.  The site listed the nearest store as having product.

I drive a little farther to get there and look around and see that they do indeed have the 250G bundle.  In fact, that’s all there is – one.  So I ask the nearest clerk about getting it, grab the Your Fitness ‘game’ and a transfer cable.

Once again I’m Live enabled and ready to get back to those games I’ve been missing.  I did play around with the Kinect a little bit and it is a bit weird seeing the little image in the lower right of the tv, and it is s-l-o-w navigating the menu but that’s why there’s still the controller.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be able to check out Your Fitness, but for now I’m satisfied that I’ll be able to slip in an hour or so after work to unwind.

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A Sad Day

November 16, 2010 at 4:18 pm (Entertainment)

Kinda sad.  You know that every once in awhile something will happen that makes you feel a bit down in the dumps and last night after work I got blindsided with something.

Once I got home I figures I’d turn on my 360 and play some Borderlands.  I can just feel some people cringing out there knowing what’s coming next.  Yeah, red light instead of green with the E 74 error.  My box is dead.

I guess that means I’m unable to play my games until I get something to replace it.  Last time I lost my 360 (bad disk drive) I just grabbed an arcade console and used my 30 Gig hard drive.  With that drive almost filled (and more on a 16 Gig stick) I know I’ll have to get the large drive. $300 could have me up and running again with the $20 transfer cable… OR I can spend an extra $100 and get the Kinect with it.

My playing streak is still going though… thank you Games for Windows.  But that means I’m limited to Tinker and Game Room.

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DVD Collection

August 17, 2008 at 9:14 pm (Entertainment)

I’ve been really bad by letting all my DVD boxed sets sit around being unwatched.  So, I’ve been working on getting some of these things caught up on.  Yes, I have a LOT to catch up on but I just can’t seem to squeeze time in when I’m trying to play my games.  :p
Despite really wanting to watch some other stuff, I am trying to finish up Quantum Leap since I had watched 3 seasons and still need 2 to go.  Season 4 is a fun season with a couple of my favorite episodes, one which I just finished watching yesterday  "The Curse of Ptah Ho-Tep".  I am now just two episodes away from finishing season 4. . .  the last which is a wonderful little gem called "A Leap for Lisa".  After that I get into the 5th season where I missed most of the episodes on tv so I’ll be watching them for the first time.  Though I’m still going to be upset when I watch that final episode.
After that I may have to watch Brisco County Jr or Jack of All Trades. . . . but then again, I just got Firefly.  Then of course there’s the complete set of the Addam’s Family and the first season of I Dream of Jeannie.  Oh. . . there is still so much to watch!

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Gaming Distraction

August 17, 2007 at 3:50 pm (Entertainment)

Well, I can’t say that I’ve put a lot of attention to gaming this week.  I mostly blame it for my work schedule and being so freakin’ tired – but if that wasn’t enough, I made a side trip to Best Buy…
Okay, so the side trip was a mission to buy 4 movies for the significant other – and I was able to find those no problem:  Wild Hogs, 300, Vacancy, and Zodiac.  However, as most errands go I found something else that caught my attention.  Season 2 of THE TICK! was right there taunting me…  Of course I had to get it!  and right next to that shining in all it’s glory was Hot Fuzz.  I still haven’t watched any of the movies, but they’re there now… telling me I don’t need to game  :p
Too bad I have to work tomorrow or else I could probably  do a little bit of both.  Stay tuned for the final results  :p

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Where To Begin?

July 15, 2007 at 12:19 am (Entertainment)

So many things going on that it’s a wonder that it all fit into one day.  Like the title says, where the heck should I begin this blog?  I think I’ll start with a little 360 action.
Gaming today was productive without gaining any achievements.  This is always good though because productive gaming is… well… productive.  A little Bejeweled 2 started things off and I am now looking at level 93.  Granted that’s a long way from 281, but I’m just going for a couple of levels a day if I can.  I’ll skip a day or two as well because I’m not keen on  having Bejeweled 2 showing up on my weekly recap (over at everytime.  I like to have other games show up.  I came really close to beating my Hexic score for timed game when I almost had a black pearl, alas I was taking too long to make my moves and ran out of time.  Once again I worked a little on F.E.A.R.  This is where I was doing my best work.  With a quick try at that last little battle (the end of the third interval) I managed to get through with my health showing up red.  I then went on a short rampage at the begining of interval 4 before calling it a full gaming day.
Meanwhile on the music front (which I’m working on as I type) I’ve been getting some more cds ripped to the Zune and I got sidetracked while I l’m listening to a lot of Toad the Wet Sprocket.  Usually I know what I want to rip and just go right through them to get them on the pc’s hard drive.  A few of my cds don’t have album art due to out of print status so I also did some surfing to find the album art and make sure everything had a picture on it to display.  I can’t believe I still haven’t finished up this project… I mean come on, I started all this in January or February.
The big thing that happened today was a trip to Best Buy.  The wife wanted a plasma tv so we spent a long time looking.  We even talked to some of the sales guys there.  In the end we walked away with a 50" Panasonic Plasma HDTV.  With that tv, we also got some surround sound action as well as the proper cables in which to hook the 360 up with.  On one hand I’m thinking this is going to be great to finally join the 21st century and yet, I know that I have to get everything set up first and I really hate hooking things up.  I dread the installing process so much that I’m procrastinating until tomorrow to even open the boxes up.  It also doesn’t help to try and install things when your really tired either – I’ve tried it before and it never turns out well  :p

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Music Coming Out of My Ears

May 25, 2007 at 9:15 pm (Entertainment)

Oh wait. . .  I guess the title of this should be music going IN my ears  :p  I’ve been messing around with my Zune off and on and have made it into the "S" portion of my library.  In fact, I’m up to Siouxsie and the Banshees.  I was just checking things out and noticed that I have a total of 4,178 songs now ripped to this device and I’m SO enjoying this.  13.3 gigs left of empty space on the device so I’ve got a feeling I’ll have no problem getting the rest of my library on it.  I can say that this sure makes work that much better.
I did see Shrek the Third last weekend, but so far haven’t gone to check out Spiderman 3 so I guess I need to get my priorities straight.  :p  Now we have Pirates hitting the theatres and chances are I won’t be seeing that until next weekend at the earliest (I hate crowds).
For some odd reason I decided to put Castlevania on for a little bit and I actually beat Gaibon and Slogra which unlocked an achievement for me.  The more important part though was that I’ve got access to more of the castle.  I spent some time exploring and ended up getting killed by some plant thing.  I have to say I’m glad I went out of my way to save just after beating those two so I didn’t have to do that again (though I think I can now get past them somewhat easily since I know what I’m doing now).
Well, it’s back to work for me while I chill out to some randomly played music. . .  Chicago is currently playing and it’ll be interesting to find out what will come next. . .   Chamillionaire?  Garth Brooks?  Marilyn Manson?  Nope… sounds like Jane’s Addiction  :p   Can you say eclectic mix?

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Feeling Foolish

March 31, 2007 at 12:04 am (Entertainment)

For the past year and some odd months, I’ve been diligently plugging away with my gaming system.  Playing games, dowloading arcade stuff and just having all kinds of fun in general.  Well, when I unplugged it a couple weeks ago and plugged it into my little tv I still had fun, even though the picture was much smaller and a little more fuzzy.  It didn’t matter to me because I was still able to play when I wasn’t putting the floors in.
Today I finally got the opportunity to plug the 360 back in on the bigger tv and this time I was plugging it in from the back instead of the front. . . I mean hey, gotta do it right. . . . right?  Anyway, I turn the tv around and I’m kinda stunned because there are the connections for the composite part.  What the. . . ?  I had to rush into the bathroom and look in the mirror to make sure I didn’t have "stupid" still inked onto my forehead.
Hooking up all six connectors was kind of an interesting thing because I’ve never messed with this before so I had no idea what to expect.  Everything connected I proceeded to turn things on and once it was on the screen I had difficulty in believing that I had a better picture than before.  I don’t know if the color was just more vibrant or if I was just seeing it like it always had been, but compared to my crappy tv it just appeared to be more colorful. . . I don’t know.  All I know is that I’m feeling foolish for putting off hooking the 360 up to the back of the tv. . .   I guess sometimes I can be a bit too lazy.   :p

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