Running Out of Room

January 16, 2010 at 12:42 am (Music)

It’s been a while since Christmas was here, but I finally got around to one of my presents.  In fact, it was the most awesome present ot the year!  I’m talking about my new turntable.  I know, I know…  you don’t actually know what a turntable is except those used by DJs.  This is not one of the THOSE types of turntables.  Nope.  This is a real vinyl record playing turntable.
It doesn’t sound that exciting does it?  Well, add a USB cable and some software and you have yourself a way to record and play records to the PC!  On top of that, I can route it through a stereo system and get my cassettes recorded as well!  I have completed my records to mps files and my Zune now sits with just a meager 2 gigs left.  That means my 600+ cassette tapes are not going to fit.
I need a bigger Zune!

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Adding to my Zune

June 19, 2009 at 4:44 pm (Music)

I have now contained 7,123 songs on my Zune!  I reached this number after a little "shopping" in the marketplace after hearing Weird Al’s new song.
What’s that?  You haven’t heard it?!  It’s called Craigslist and it sounds a lot like the Doors.  Check it out over on Youtube.
Anyway, since the song was out I hopped over to the Zune marketplace to grab it for a few points and then since I logged on I figured I could just kinda check on some songs I keep waiting to show up eventually.  To my utter amazement I found a few I was looking for as well as a few I wasn’t.  A game called Full Throttle had a great soundtrack by the Gone Jackals so when someone mentioned that game, it brought this back to mind.  I downloaded a couple of songs from that.  Then I almost squealed with delight when I saw Gary Lee and Showdown finally had the Rodeo Song available (since I can’t seem to get the song from cassette to a more updated format).  Flushed with success I went looking for a band called Opus.  It wasn’t looking really well so I punched in the song title "Live is Life" – their biggest hit.  And there it was.  There was even a Reaggaton version of the song (which I came OH so close to getting as well).
Anyway, I’m down to 3.4 gigs left on my Zune and I’m hoping that one of these days I am able to get the bigger Zune.  That way I can go back through my cd collection and get more songs on there.

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6,900 and Counting

January 3, 2008 at 7:12 pm (Music)

With Christmas come and gone, I’ve acquired a few more cds and I’ve been able to put a lot of them on my Zune.  I’m liking my Zune more and more since I take it with me everywhere I go (Like Illinois and work).  With the shuffle on it’s always a pleasant suprise to see what comes up next.
I still have 4 gigs left and even so, I have 6,900 songs waiting for me whenever I need a soundtrack to my everyday chores.  :p  In fact, it would seem that I’ve focused a little more on my music over the 360. . . but don’t tell my console… I’d hate to see it make a blog about it  :p

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Zune Revisited

December 8, 2007 at 7:31 pm (Music)

When I last used my Zune. . . err. . . well, I’ve been using my Zune regularly so I guess I mean the last time I pulled up the Zune Software on my PC, major catastrophe occurred due to the update.  The update did a pretty good job at scrambling up my library and showing wrong album art, wrong artists and so on and so forth.  With 6,800 songs there was no hope for an easy solution so from November 14th on, my Zune went nowhere near my pc for a quick synch.  It also meant if I got new music I couldn’t put in on my Zune without killing the integrity of the information.
Today I continued the battle of manually trying to correct the library.  Heh.  I was doing okay, but when I looked at the album art, it still was jumbled.  I was on the verge of wiping the library and going through all my cds again when a little though went through my head that there might be something posted somewhere for an "easy" fix.  There it was.  A small download that wiped the Zune portion and then reloaded everything from the pc library.  I downloaded it, ran it, and then waited the 30 minutes or so for it to go through my library and add everything back in.  I made some checks and it looked like everything was coming up like it should so. . . . I synched up the Zune again.
Apart from having an extra 54 songs now, I’m back in the music groove.  I even set up my Zunecard (which is a lot like the gamercard for the 360) and it shows everyone just how eclectic my musical tastes really are.  :p  I’ll have to see if there’s a way to add it to my Live space here, but in the meantime if you want to check it out, Check out my Zunecard!

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5 Gigs Left

August 15, 2007 at 11:20 pm (Music)

I have officially put all the music from my cds onto my Zune!  Even though it’s all there, 5 gigs remain – taunting me.  I’m going to enjoy this for a little while before I go on a search for new music though  :p
So what are the figures?  Well, there are 6,662 songs on my Zune which equals 410 hours and 58 minutes of music.  What does that mean?  It means that if I listened to my Zune 24/7 it would take me just a little bit over 17 days to listen to every song on there.  :p  Imagine if I went through my cassette tapes and cds… It would take months.
Anyway a few random points of interest:  I have 83 hours and 6 minutes of Alternative music.  80 hours of Country, 76 hours and 6 minutes of Rock, 48 hours and 48 minutes of Pop, and 39 hours 42 minutes of Metal.  I have a little bit of just about every genre including Reggae, Blues, World, Folk, and heck… just too many to list all of.
Anyway, now I’m thinking about messing around with a few playlists to assist me in some of my 360 games… like… oh, I don’t know…. Bejeweled 2 perhaps?   :p 

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Lost in the Music

August 7, 2007 at 10:25 pm (Music)

I keep getting more of my music on my Zune, and oddly enough I’m starting to use my Zune in strange and different ways.  Sure, it still involves playing the Zune – but I’m loving some of the extra capabilities of the thing.  I now have 6,020 songs ripped onto my portable device covering a wide array of genres.  Okay, so I just keep hitting shuffle and I haven’t made any playlists – but I like unpredictability in my music (as long as I like the song anyway).
Today I hooked up the Zune to the 360 and randomly listened to my songs as I. . . yes. . . ROCKED OUT to Bejeweled 2.  :p  I had someone ask how one rocks out to Bejeweled and now I have just revealed my secret.  heh heh heh  I guess you have to have a 360voice blog to understand the comment there.  Anyway, playing Bejeweled to the music I like with no chance of a repeat is pretty sweet.
I did discover the F.E.A.R. and loud music isn’t a good combination as you can’t hear the bad guys communicating and they tend to start shooting you before you realize it and. . . well. . . start back at the previous checkpoint.
I didn’t feel like stopping the music so I switched to another game that I figured would benefit from a new soundtrack. . . DEAD RISING!  I can tell you, slaughtering innocent zombies with a wide variety of blunt instruments while listening to some Weird Al tends to get a little silly  :p  But I was able to prevent myself from giggling uncontrollably as I discovered a new weapon – saw blades!  Those things are fun to throw like frisbees.  Anyway I succeeded in two things…  Got to level 10 and I got an unsuspecting award by breaking a lot of stuff  :p  20 points is 20 points!
I suppose you can stream the music from the pc. . . but I’ll stick with my Zune.  So much more fun in my opinion.  :p 

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The End is Near

August 4, 2007 at 11:31 am (Music)

Okay, so the title is misleading but all I wanted to say is that I’m getting closer to finishing up with getting all my music that I have onto my Zune.  In fact, all that is left are compilations and tribute albums.
As I’m typing I’m actually listening to some of the songs before ripping them onto my hard drive.   Right now it’s the Grateful Dead tribute album.  I did a little counting up and I’m about 91 cds away from being done for the time being.  That’s not to say I won’t go and get more cds mind you.  With 5,672 songs on the Zune and 8.1 gigs left, I think I still have plenty of room to get these last cds on there.  You have to remember that I’m not just putting everything on here, just the songs I don’t mind listening to.
I’m sure I’ll get around to some gaming today, but I wanted to get a lot of new music on the Zune first  :p  And to think if I could get away with it, I’d hook the Zune up to the 360 and listen to that while I played some of the arcade games.  But she hates a lot of the music I’m into…

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July 11, 2007 at 9:31 pm (Music)

I’m thinking you’re only reading this to discover what that number is.  Am I right?  Or could it be that you actually read this nonsense that spouts from my imagination and onto an electronic "sheet of paper". . .  Either way, thanks for the visit!  :p
While everyone is busy with the E3 scene and what’s on the horizon, I’m going to stay true to form and blog about what I usually blog about  –  yep, things that are going on in my little world where some people actually know me (though very few will claim that fact).  Heh heh heh  anyway, back to the number at hand:  4705.
It has been a long three weeks (almost 4 now) that I have been separated from that which I hold near and dear and if given a choice I would choose it OVER the 360.  Yeah, music.  After a couple of days with my cds and a computer I have finally gotten through the "S" section of my music cds.  Those 4705 songs to date are all sitting on my Zune now and I’ve got shuffle working out it’s wonderful powers to give me Semisonic right after AC/DC.  Sometimes I get a country song on the heels of something very Marilyn Mansonish  :p  It’s great.  With 11 gigs left on the Zune I still have plenty of room for adding on and once I get through my last shot of music. . .  I can start looking at putting some of my compilation cds and soundtracks on there.
But don’t worry, nobody has given me that ultimatum about choosing between the 360 and my Zune, so for now I still get to do both… 

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Getting Lost

June 10, 2007 at 11:54 am (Music)

What could getting lost have anything to do with music?  Well, let me tell ya.
Our little story starts about Wednesday the 6th when we picked up a couple of concert tickets at some bar/club called The Oasis.  That’s fine and dandy, and I know the general vicinity of the place.  However, when Saturday rolls around and I actually have to get to the place a whole new story comes about because I couldn’t remember HOW to get there.  I just knew where it was. . .  if that should make any sense.  The roads in Reno are messed up  with one road splitting off into two other roads depending on which lane you are in and before I knew it, I’m out near some shopping centers.  Knowing that didn’t work I actually asked for directions.  STILL missed the turn because it was one of those "get on the highway at this exit" things and a little bitty sign right at the turn that also states the name of the street.  Great.  But now I’m zeroed in on it and I just go over a few blocks and get on the road I need to be on!  Then there’s this "Road Closed" sign.  Okay,  just go up a block and then come back to the road where it isn’t closed right?  Wrong.  Go up one block, come down one block and umm… this isn’t the street.  evidently I needed to go down another block.  Anyway we finally find the place and it is completely deserted.  notes on the door says that it’s been moved to a different location.
Luckily I know how to get there.  A few moments later we’re at the place and I turn into what I thought was a parking area…. only to see that it’s a dead end and there’s a band bus there plus everyone standing in line.   Great.  I’m an idiot and I have to back my way out of there and hope I don’t get hit.  Manage to do that and find a place to park.  Now I hope I’m not the oldest guy there. . .    :p
As far as the bands go, we were there to see one band in particular because we know one of the members.  A House Cursed is a nice little thrash band and I was wearing the shirt.  The other bands that were playing were Invitro (which we missed because we decided to escape the heat of the crowd and sit in the bar area),  OT3P (with the female lead singer) and Static-X.  Kinda disappointed that we didn’t stick around to watch Static-X, but we did see who we wanted to and that was the main reason for going.

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Trying to Fill the Zune

April 18, 2007 at 10:22 pm (Music)

Today I decided to concentrate a little more on getting my music on the Zune and I’m chugging along slowly but surely.  I’m in the middle of the ‘L’s at this point and am roughly halfway through my cds.  I’ve been rediscovering some songs I had forgotten about and gleefully adding them to the library.  I even bring the cd into work and let one of my coworkers listen to some of the stranger stuff I’ve collected.
I’ve only found one small peeve so far in this whole thing, and that is when I think of a song that I would like to have and go searching for it in the Zune Marketplace, more often than not it is unavailable or it’s a cover that doesn’t sound right.
Every night at work I bring the Zune along and get a wide variety of music throughout the night.  It’s the way I like to listen, or else I’d spend about three hours just deciding what I wanted to listen to.  2,693 songs guaranties that you are more than likely to get a completely different list each day with very few repeats in there, which is my biggest complaint with ANY radio station be it local airways, Sirious, or internet.
Maybe when I finish up work I will attempt a run to the ‘M’ section of my collection, but considering I have a ton of Lyle Lovett it might not happen until tomorrow  :p

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