1/5 of the Orange Box

January 6, 2008 at 5:51 pm (Uncategorized)

I have now spent more than a few minutes with the Orange Box….  errr… I mean one out of the five games that come with the orange box.  Portal is turning out to be both fun and frustrating at the same time – but mostly because my hand eye coordination has suffered a little from my middle age.  :p  I think I spent more than an hour trying to get past a single room where I knew exactly what I had to do and yet my reaction time prevented me from chaining together the events to get me to the exit.  My patience far outweighs common sense though and after a lot of tortured near completions I did finally make it.
As for the gameplay of Portal, it’s a real simple concept – you have a gun that creates portals (a little farther you have the gun that creates both portals).  A fun puzzle game for those that like to think your way out of situations instead of just run and gun.  Using physics and ingenuity you get to figure out how to get energy balls to activate switches, how to get past obstacles and the ever fun velocity=distance (if that makes sense)  :p
Now I’m trying to get out of the last level and it seems to be a very long level and at the moment I "think" I know what I need to do… but once again I need to figure out the hand-eye coordination thing again.  I also took a look at the achievies for Portal and I never would have thought to do a few of these… so it’s going to need another run through… or more, because there’s this time thing going on and if you can get bronze, silver or gold times  you can get achievements for it!  So far I haven’t even gotten a bronze time.  Oh well, that’s why it’s called a game!
Tune in to some other blog where I may even get around to playing the other games in the Orange Box.  :p

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Getting as Much Gaming in as I Can

December 21, 2006 at 5:46 pm (Uncategorized)

I only have a couple of days left before I head out to Illinois for a week, so I have to get as much gaming in that I can.  I still have to work so that cuts out a huge portion of game time.  I do manage to get some playing in, though.  Yesterday I put in some F.E.A.R. and managed to complete Interval 7 (hey, I got the 5 points to prove it!) and I figured I’d get as far as I could into 8.
Today I tried a different tactic.  I put in Gears of War to see if I could get past that part I was having trouble on last time I played.  My first lesson today was that if you don’t play for a while, you forget everything.  I got killed a couple of times just because I was having trouble moving… for some reason it looked as if Marcus had a stroke or something because it’s almost as if one whole side of his body was paralyzed.  Once I started getting the hang of it again I started hitting my targets and taking cover like any good player should.  Then I accidentally discovered a really good hiding place.  Not to give too much away, I discovered a place where I was able get some good shots…  Too bad it wasn’t intentional, but now I know that some doors are meant to be kicked in.   :p  I also have gotten into the swing of the reload (that is if I notice that I’m about to run out of bullets).  In fact, I believe I got 5 perfect active reloads in a row which netted me 20 points.  I still don’t know how many more I need to do to get the 25 perfect reloads, but I’m thinking that it can’t be TOO long now.  I’m still in part 1 of the story and after I got through my ‘trouble’ spot where I first started, I was able to make it a ways into the game without dying.  I was sure I was a goner with the sniper… and once again with the Wretches, but I lucked out and was able to fight my way through the two encounters.  Where I did manage to snuff it was my first use of the Hammer of Dawn.  I think it’s mostly because I was just wondering how the darn thing worked and stood still for too long of a time.  But this is where I decided to call it quits for the time being because I wanted to work a little more on. . .
F.E.A.R.  I’m liking this game more as I go along.  I still have to get the hang of some of the opponents, but now that I’m starting to get into the variant weaponry I’m enjoying the experimenting.  I’m still on Interval 8, but I think that I’m getting close to making it out of that part.  Unfortunately work started so I was forced to stop.  One of the fun things to learn is how to use the barrels and fire extinguishers and fuse boxes to kill the bad guys  :p  Even though I knew about it, I never really started using this method until recently.  Granted I am only playing on the lowest difficulty setting, but I have to say that I am being challenged.  Then again, any kind of FPS is a challenge for me   :p

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Gaming ON……. Almost

October 15, 2006 at 9:43 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday I was able to get a bit of gaming done going through a few of the arcade games and I even pulled out a retail game…  I would have been able to play more but I seem to have lost several hours when I laid down for a bit.  Yeah, the week finally caught up to me and hit me hard.  I thought perhaps and hour or so and I’d wake back up, but it took 4 hours and even then I woke up so groggy I had a real tough time getting up again. . .
Anyway, I was complaining the other day of how I was stuck on just about every game I attempted.  Well, I got past that part in DOOM that was giving me a headache. . .  The solution, get killed and start out with full health.  Granted I only had a pistol, but to tell the truth I only had a couple shotgun shells before that.  The full health was the key though and I finally got through.  After that I breezed through the next two levels.  Actually, when I say breezed I mean that I didn’t get into any dicey situations where I had to load up a previous save.  I can’t say breezed in the context of fast because it usually takes me about 40 minutes to get through a level… and one level in particular was over an hour long.  I think this might be why I’m not that great and the FPS games because I’m the cautious type.   :p
I’m still going strong on Bejeweled 2 and getting close to 120 levels which is kinda disappointing when compared to the 281 levels I need to get to.  161 levels to go means I’m not even halfway there… and actually I have more than that because I can’t remember where I am at the moment.  It’s kinda funny that being the most boring game to talk about, but it sucks up so much of my time.
Mutant Storm is going to kill me.  Just going through the tally mode on white belt reveals much.  It’s taking several tries to complete the levels now that I’m working on the 20’s (level-wise).  I also found out what happens if you take too long on a level. . .  There is no survival from those black spider/scarabs/whatever they are.
I wanted to do something different so I decided to finally put in Quake 4 and play a bit.  Of course I’m starting on the lowest difficulty and it’s a good thing too.  It’s so confusing to figure out where you need to be going.  I spend more time running around hoping I’m going the right way than I do shooting up the bad guys.  I’ve also noticed quite a bit of stuttering from time to time.  I suppose I should have read the instructions booklet first (which I usually do) because I had a little trouble there at first.
We’ll see what happens today after the grocery shopping and the few chores I have in front of me… Maybe I’ll get back to some of the older games I haven’t played for a while and break up the all arcade I’ve been doing.  Then again, I COULD devote some serious time to Bejeweled 2 and try to get as many levels as possible.    :p

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The Tale of Friday the 13th

October 14, 2006 at 1:54 am (Uncategorized)

I am not a superstitious person by nature and I’ve been known to tempt fate every time the 13th falls on a Friday just to show that things do flow normally despite what people want to believe.  Well, the law of averages have caught up with me and I have to tell you. . . What a messed up day it has been.
Quite frankly, from 7 to 4 (my normal work hours) things were just busy and I can’t quite remember anything out of the ordinary happening.  I already knew that I would be pulling a double shift.  Last night a new update was put in for one of our applications and by some bizarre coincidence one of the first batch jobs is directly infec… err… I mean affected by this program.  My offhand comment that it would suck if that job blew up on us and we had to wait for a programmer… no… SYSTEMS person to come in and look at it was met by a "don’t jinx us".  Guess what?  Yes, that job did indeed blow up and the systems person was a good hour away.  You can usually tell how a night is going to go by the first couple of minutes.  And so far it was going downhill at a rapid rate of speed.  Half of the jobstream can run because it’s a separate entity whereas the other half has to sit there awaiting the green light.
Enter more talking while we wait. . .  the subject comes around to bad ankles and how it’s so easy for me to sprain my ankle and I’ve done it a few times, while Chris makes the comment how you can cut yourself and not realize it until someone points it out but get a paper cut and you always feel that…  It’s not even funny when later on I came OH so close to turning my ankle and barely avoid the agonizing pain of spraining it.
As it turns out that job presents several problems and in the end we’re told go ahead and continue onward. . . things "ought" to be okay.
I’m barely keeping it together as a few non-critical jobs decide they don’t wanna play nice – luckily they ARE non-critical (well, there were questions on one but we’re going with the run book) and we forge ahead.  We have three extra jobs to run when we realize that they should have been run BEFORE the job we just released.  It’s gone beyond banging my head against a solid object repeatedly…  I’m looking for razor blades or a rope. . . but wait…  a loophole.  The scheduling program we have says after a later job… fine – non-critical jobs anyway we’ll just keep going.  Jobs run fine and produce a freaking whole box of paper worth of a report.  I swear the night will never end!
Backup jobs begin running and they run. . . . and run. . . . and run. . . . It’s now after midnight and I really need some sleep.  Backups FINALLY end and…. uh-oh.  There’s a job out there that hasn’t run.  What the heck!?  Some investigative work uncovers some fun little tidbits.  We SHOULD have purged one job and replaced it with this thing that didn’t run… but why didn’t I get it set up earlier in the day?  Go out into our jobs list and pull up that job…. ah…  there’s the problem  I didn’t update this job last month when I updated all the others so it didn’t get an ‘X’ on the date it should of run so it didn’t show up on our job list for the night.  Non-critical….  send an email explaining the best we can at 1 freaking o’clock in the morning….  I’m sure they’ll read that Monday and shake their heads… it’s probably a good thing we didn’t have to hand write the explanation – it would have turned out so scrawled out and possibly in crayon that nobody would have been able to read it.
DONE!  and about time….  Chris discovers he’s cut himself and didn’t realize it…  but all we want to do is get the heck out of the place at this point.   We finally hit the fresh air. . . .   Chris stops and says "no way"  
Black cat sitting in front of his jeep

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Texas Give ‘Em

August 23, 2006 at 10:50 pm (Uncategorized)

At least when I play that’s what the name of the game should be called because I seem to like giving everyone my chips.   :p  For those that don’t know just how bad I suck at poker of any type, I played a scenario tonight in which I start out with the most chips.  I went out in fifth place.  Honestly though I took chances I shouldn’t have because, hey, it’s not like I’m endangering my bankroll right?  So, what the heck.  The second time around I did a little better and stayed in until going out in third place, but on several hands I KNEW. . . deep down I just KNEW that my opponent had THAT card.  Still, I went for broke and… well… I attained it  :p  heh heh heh   So, I’m going to just get used to the betting and mess around a bit until I figure out how I’m going to settle down and play it. . .  and from now on I think I’ll only play when I have plenty of time and don’t feel like I’m being rushed.  Still, I can’t help but think I’ll be sitting at the lower tables most of the time   :p
I felt the need to move a little farther into Oblivion so I made an appearance there and I must be ever so close to getting my next assignment, in fact, I’m sure that tomorrow I’ll be able to tackle that.  I just have to sell some of this stuff in my possession.  :p  Evidently early morning isn’t the best time to try and talk to the fence.  Heh heh heh  it’s all fun though at some of the things that go on playing as a thief.  I always get nervous when I break into someone’s house and expect to be caught at any moment.  :p
Hopefully everyone else is having some fun with with the new arcade game and doing better than I am at it!

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New Oblivion Character

August 16, 2006 at 10:46 pm (Uncategorized)

I still have a few things left to do for my Enchanter in Oblivion, but I wanted to try something new.  Enter the Infiltrator – a class meant to get into places and take care of business.  Here are the main things for the class:  Stealth – Strength, Agility – Blade, Block, Light Armor, Security, Sneak, Marksman, Mercantile.  I guess I’ll learn how well this class will work as I progress through the levels but right now he’s doing pretty good especially at the sneaking around  :p  His main priority is to hit as many dungeons as possible!  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  We’ll see  how well he does at the thieves’ guild as well.
I was going to delve a little into more games, but I ended up taking too much time getting my character just right. . . so other than a little Bejeweled 2 before Oblivion,  I didn’t get around to it.  Perhaps I could manage to do a little more variety tomorrow like some Galaga, or Far Cry, hmmm… I haven’t played Call of Duty 2 for a long time and like Echo said – I’m just a few achievements away from finishing it up.

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I Think I Gamed Too Much

August 13, 2006 at 9:32 pm (Uncategorized)

Surely there cannot be anything so absurd as gaming too much can there?  Well, here I am to tell you that my head has begun to hurt and perhaps I should have stopped a while ago.  I couldn’t help it though because I was having too much fun.
Galaga seems to be a hit and miss kind of game for me, either I just can’t get the coordination down, or I do pretty good.  Today was a miss day because I couldn’t play for the life of me, losing most of my lives by level 4.
My wife finally got me to put in Far Cry Instincts Predator in and then made fun of me because I spent like "5 minutes on one house".  I hate playing when someone is criticizing my gameplay.  I think this is where I should have stopped because my head began to get that dull ache in the back.  It was interesting though making those tree branch traps  :p  Most of them didn’t work because I couldn’t get anyone to investigate.  Then one that would have worked was spoiled when I threw a grenade instead of a rock. . . silly me (the grenade still took out two guys though).  I did notice that a lot of the achievements are geared towards the multiplayer and quite frankly I haven’t done a whole lot in the multiplayer arena.  Anyway, so far the game seems interesting so I’ll probably play more later.
Despite the headache I thought I’d delve a little into Oblivion and see what I could do about Garridon’s Tears.  Just when I thought the headache was getting better I managed to make it worse.  I did complete the quest, but it was quite a pain to do so… as in it’s really difficult to find these little buggers.
Well, that’s all I could do tonight.  It’s off to bed to see if I can wake up feeling a little better.

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Playtime + Lack of Skill = No Achievement

August 6, 2006 at 9:23 pm (Uncategorized)

:p  Okay, so maybe it’s a little exaggerated, but then again so is a lot of my blogging so why stop now?
I guess I lied a little yesterday saying I played Galaga, so I made up for it and so far haven’t been past stage 10 since the one time.  I can only hope that sooner or later I’ll figure out how to stay out of enemy ship’s way as well as dodge the bullets.
And speaking of bullets, I put in GUN for a little while and ran around the old west to see about getting a little further along in normal mode.  I still have a ways to go, but I’ll get there eventually.  I just got past the ambushing the train and this time I did better.
Oblivion also found some love today when I decided to head out and see what I could do at a certain ruin where they were stumped at a pillar.  I hate knowing what I have to do and not being able to do it, so I spent all my time looking for two darn spells – and have only found 1.  I’m also running out of places to look for it too.  I’m still running into new quests so I’m thinking I’ll never get them all done.  :p
Call of Duty 2.  What can I say about this one?  I can’t seem to take a single house in this Silo mission, even though I’ve already done it before.  I do not remember taking house A being this difficult.  I did finally make it upstairs though only to be shot while trying to reload. . .  stupid guns!  :p
I suppose I also attempted some more Zuma tonight – but I just have lost any and all experience it seems on this one.  12 – 1 is just been kicking my tail and even if I get past it, 12-2 kicks it.  I even went so far as to start at 9 – 1 to see if I could get to level 12 with more than 3 frogs, but I couldn’t get past stage 11.
Tomorrow.  We’ll see what happens then.  Perhaps I can get lucky again and play like I knew how to.  :p

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April 5, 2006 at 10:05 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s the only thing I could come up with combining the three games I played tonight that looked like it could be pronounced.  ZUma, bejeWELLed 2, and oblivION…
THIS time I was able to play once I got home, and only got interrupted when it was time to eat.  (Fie upon thee, Limax!)   :p   Anyway, I considered all my options and thought that one way or another I’m going to go a little further in Oblivion.  So I started right where I left off and decided to level up by taking a little nap.  I am now level 5 and starting to see new creatures.  Especially when I stumbled across another Oblivion gate.  I swear I had already closed this one though.  I’m also thinking I need to sell some of this cra… errr… stuff that I’ve accumulated during my adventures since I’m near capacity and usually have to get rid of stuff now and again just in order to move.  Still, it seems that closing a gate is about all I can do when I’m goofing around after work, because I don’t want to stop in the middle of Oblivion and would rather save in the normal fantasy world  :p
I decided to go further along on the main quest and even though I’m about 12 hours too early I may just wait around until the specified time of day to see where it leads.
Bejewelled, even though it’s taking longer to complete the level is going to succumb to my persistence! I have approximately 125 levels to go, so if I complete 2 levels a day it would take me two months to get that one achievement. . . hmmmm…. perhaps I’ll have to get more than just 2 levels a day.  :|
Zuma is a LITTLE more kinder, but not much more  :p  I got yet another board in Gauntlet to son of sun, so if I continue at this rate, I should have that in about a week.  Adventure mode still mocks me, however.  Knowing that 12-1 is my nemesis, eating up two of my three lives right off the bat.  After that it’s just a matter of time before I’m thinking that perhaps I’d better do something else.    :p

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Working With the Computer Impaired

April 3, 2006 at 4:40 pm (Uncategorized)

Has anyone noticed that there are some people out there that should just not work a computer?  I mean, I don’t know a whole lot, but I manage to accomplish what I set out to do… Then there are those that you just wonder how they ever managed to get thier job.
Let me tell you about some of these people.  Since I work at a help desk I’ve got some fun stories.  Probably the most common call we get is the one where they can’t log in because they’ve forgotten their password.  We have thousands of employees, yet they think we have this magical list of passwords we can just tell them what it is…  Then they get upset when  you have to walk them through with getting them a default which they have to change on the first sign-on.  There are people that call every quarter because they just can’t figure out how to change it.  It’s worse when you ask them WHAT they are attempting to log into and they say they don’t know… the program they always log into.  Well… thanks for that information – it helps us out so much.  We also don’t want nor need to know what the password is… and please – quit confusing logon id with password.
Hey!  Something serious is going on and they need help like RIGHT NOW!!  So you ask them to reboot which is the first line of defense against 95% off all problems.  Why get mad when we tell them to reboot?  You should have done it before you called. . .  Oh, and don’t tell us that you rebooted when in fact you are just SAYING you did it in the hopes that a tech will be out in the next 5 minutes.  >shakes head<  It’s really bad when you close out problems and notice that the tech rebooted and it fixed the problem.
But those are normal problems we run across.  Some people just get mad and tell you they don’t have time to be walked through and to send a tech out NOW.  Oh yeah, we have 3 techs to cover 4 buildings in town and 5 surrounding towns.  their now is more like in a couple of days.
I save the best example for last though….  one person out there does not know how to turn OFF the machine.  you tell them to push the button and they say they don’t know how… okay. . .  how about unplug it. . .   still don’t know how.   Seriously.  They work with a computer and are using it to put in information about people in it.  Would YOU trust them?  I know I wouldn’t.     :p
by the way, I had something else all typed out and then lost it when it froze up and wouldn’t let me copy it into word pad.  (stupid computers) and that’s how this developed   :p 

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